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Treatment of Dyslexia
People with dyslexia have been successfully overcoming their language learning differences for many years.  The preferred method for treating dyslexia is the Orton-Gillingham Approach. 

This method of teaching reading was developed by Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham in the 1930's. It is a multi-sensory approach. Students see, feel, hear and say letter sound combinations. The very complex act of reading is broken down into many small units. There is much repetition built into the program. A person with dyslexia needs from 10 to 110 repetitions in order to learn. Phonics, vocabulary development, spelling, memorizing sight words, and practice reading are components of each lesson.

The Orton-Gillingham Approach is administered through 1-1 instruction by a trained tutor. Students attend twice per week, for 50 minutes each session. It takes approximately two years to complete the recommended lessons. Of course, length of completion time varies by individuals.

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