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When to Treat a Reading Delay

Compare your child’s instructional reading level with his/her grade placement. Provide treatment when:

     Grade placement​                          Reading level is:
     Kindergarten                                 6 months behind
     Grades 1-3                                   One year behind
     Grades 4-6                                   Two years behind
     Grade 7 and older                       Three years behind

A student who struggles with reading Kindergarten level material is not able to read. 

A person with dyslexia has difficulty learning to read when taught in the conventional way.

Individuals with dyslexia are otherwise bright and motivated to learn, but struggle with phonological processing, which has to do with identifying and interpreting sounds in language. 

Dyslexia runs in families.

Dyslexia is not a disease – it is a learning difficulty that can be overcome.
It's About Reading

Signs of Dyslexia include:

Difficulty learning to read
        (children should be fluent readers by the end of grade 3)
Slow, choppy reading
Difficulty learning and using phonics (letter sounds)
Poor comprehension
Short term memory problems
Confusion with left/right, up/down, before/after, etc.
Poor organizational skills
Mixing up letter order or formation
Inaccurate reading of words
Poor speller

For more complete lists, see:
Michigan Dyslexia Institute’s document entitled, “What is Dyslexia?”

International Dyslexia Association’s document entitled, 
“Adult Self-Assessment Tool: Are You Dyslexic?”

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